Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hallo hallo all blog readers yg shy2 cat tu.
Mlm ni tgn menggatal skit ya utk join contest yg di jemput oleh owner blognya sendiri iaitu Kiz.
Thanks a bunch ya Kiz.Ni bru ad masa skit nak buat entry contest ni..heheh..cowie cowie coz lambat ya.

ini adalah banner dari blog Kiz.santeek kan?...:)

kalau sesiapa yg berminat jugak utk join in contest menarik ni, 
sila rajinkan diri anda utk tekan dekat sini kay, hadiah menarik tertarik ---> SINI

Kiz...dgr ye waheeda nak bermadah pujangga ni:
"Di taman ini, tersimpan kenangan cukup indah bersama teman2 
seperjuangan UKM dan kenangan di taman UKM ini takkan luput dari ingatan
sampai bila-bila."

ewaah ewaah, macam nak buat lirik lagu dah tu bunyinya..
pic pon dh mcm tangkap jewang dh tu..sesssuuuuaaaiii!! :D

Ok, 3 perkara yg best @ Kiz's Garden pula adalah:
1- Di belog ini, ada class tutorial taw. Yg best ada tutorial pasal shawl.
I mmg minat sgt lau bab2 shawl neyyhh..ehehhe
2- Di belog ini jg saya dpt jenguk2 dgn belog jualan KizHanie Misc's SHOP.
Brg2 kat sini pon cun2. Nnti oder ya. :)
3- Saye suke dgn smua banner di tepi sidebar anda Kiz.
meletop giteww..comel !

Okey DONE ya Kiz.
cpt2 cek and lau ada syarat x cukup habaq mai naa..ehehhehe..



Readers, let me bring you to the world that full of self-motivation now.
And I'm pretty sure after you read up this, you will not regret of any failure in your life and you will have a good thing that we can call

I am very sure that most of the people reading this would think that such statements are out dated and in this fast paced razor sharp life we get only one chance.

As a good coach / teacher / parent would agree, it is very important to taste failure for true success.

Life is not a battle but a war. No matter we lose a few battles, but the war must be won!!

The American Army, for instance, would only hire people for their elite team who had sometimes in their career failed and bounced back. Their thought was that if the person has not failed ever, it is difficult to know how he would react to failure / situation of hopelessness.

Another example of this is the vaccine injections we got when we are young children. They helped our body to fight the diluted strains of virus and ensured that we are not harmed in our future lives. Our body's self defense mechanism became stronger and impassable for future against those viruses.

The only caveat for this mantra is that we need to use it very judiciously. We cannot use this on each and every instance of failure where didn't even try to do something whole-heartedly.

Failure is not in falling, but in not getting up after falling.

So every time you don't succeed, don't lower your targets but raise your own standards of attempt!!

Together we think and think and think again about ourselves and grab the benefits from the story above yaa...! Have a nice coming weekend peeps ... :)

ni muke yg tgh think and think..caranya: bolatkan mata, ukirkan senyuman and then
idea mencurah curah dtg melimpah ruah..eheheheh...

~Tadaaa, jumpa next entry~