Tuesday, April 28, 2009

_d LanDa ExAm FeVEr_

hri ni dh msuk mngu ke dua aku exm..dh lps 3 papers n have 3 more waiting 4 me..im not feeling well during this time n 2 facing all d threes dat waiting me in d future..im quiet tension now n not hve anyone 2 shre dis feeling wid me anymore..i juz keep surfing 2 d intrnet, chatting n hve fun by eating, laughing n visiting my frens in my unvrsity...diff college..i juz wndering whn dis feeling will disappear frm my mind, my sweety heart..

im juz keep thinking bout d happiness time n i want it 2 come 4 me ASAP>...i juz want me 2 b happy, smily, cheerful whn im live in my daily life here...i want it...want it so bad now...so far, my exmnation until now ar vry gud n i feel satisfied wid all those exms..thank God 4 giving me d ability 2 go 4 exm n do well in them...

i miss my sist, my family n all my happiness time...seriously...d words dat i juz wanna share is..>im feeling lonely>> n its really make me sick n hardly pain 2 cont my life further...i need my strenght back..i need my smily back...(!_!)..im crying now...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

_LeT Me ALoNe_

My heart you will be breaking

Believing All You've Ever Said
Never Thinking It Was A Lie Sadly I Was So Misled At Night I Always Cry

Yearning For All Our Memories
To Become My Life Today
For You I'll Always try to please
In my life I wish you'd stay

are there any words for this?
for the love,the pain & tears
is it you i'll always miss
will you bring back all my fears?
the fear of being alone again
doesn't feel right at all
no longer will i pretend
i will be willing to take the fall

i've proved it's not a joke to me
my future with you in it,is real
why is it i can't make you see?
or get a strait answer on how you truly feel

why do i always think of you?
night or day,you're never off my mind
do you feel the same way too?
or is there nothing there for you to find

you have to stop coming and going
as often as you do
i can't live life not knowing
if my dreams are misleading me too

so i hope you soon come to see
my heart will forever be aching
if you shrug and laugh at me
it's my heart you will be breaking

Friday, April 17, 2009


How to go about finding Mr. Right(~_~)

Find yourself and the purpose of your existence.
It is very important to find yourself and the purpose of your existence because finding who you are will help you in future goals in life. Finding yourself involve moving on, leave the past, and go on with the present. And when you find yourself, you'd appreciate life, you'd accept yourself for who you are and people will be able to see your true self and your uniqueness. When you find the purpose of your existence life will be meaningful to you, and you'd be motivated and be fruitful. Life will have a whole new meaning!

Accomplish Your Goals.
In process to accomplish your goals, you have to accomplish those things in step 1. Finding yourself and purpose in life will lead you to accomplish your goals in life. And when you accomplish all your goals you'd be more successful, and you'd be able to help others. Most importantly you'd be happier. "Don't ever forget, nobody can make you happy in life but yourself". If you're not happy with yourself and accept yourself for who you are nobody else will. No one wants to be with a miserable and needy person.

Be Happy, enjoy life!
After accepting yourself, finding your purpose, and accomplish your goals, make sure you do everything that would keep you happy, enjoy life. Remember life is short, enjoy it while you can. But enjoying it does not mean destroying your life by doing foolish things, use your head and mind before you do anything. Make sure whatever you do can help you or help somebody else in the future. Just be happy, love yourself and love others!

Go places, be adventurous, travel the world
If you never travel before, this is the time to do so. There's nothing better and more relaxing when you take a fun trip, rather by yourself or with a group of friends. Travelling is a way be connected with different people and learn different cultures. Your Mr. Right could be anywhere, you might find him in that trip that might take to Paris, you just never know. When you travel, don't be afraid to ask questions, and get to know people. It's a way to increase your communication skills. Communication is one of key point to success. Therefore, when you in your adventure don't forget to open up to others, express yourself, show your true personality, and have fun!

Be yourself at all time
The number one mistake people make is "not being themselves". You don't have to impress the guy next door for him to like you, if you do, you'd find him go with the other girl next door. And you'd wonder why, he didn't like you. People always go for uniqueness, and when you not being yourself, you're hiding your uniqueness. There's nothing better than being the true self. Be yourself at all time, if you don't you might miss the guy of your dreams and the opportunity of your life. So don't be ashamed of who you are, what you might be ashame of might be what people love about you. One secret, people can always tell when you're not being yourself. It doesn't hurt to be yourself! Your true self is your true beauty. So the next guy that comes and talks to you, be yourself, and you'd see the result.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

_HeaLtHy wiD DrInKinG WaTeR_

9 Tips: How to Drink More Water

* Make it a Morning Ritual. I once read in a magazine article that many of us wake up dehydrated, and the first thing you should do before you do anything else is drink two glasses of water. I've now made it a regular morning habit, and it inspires the momentum to continue drinking more for the rest of the day.

* Add Some Lemon. Back in the early stages when I couldn't stand drinking water, I squeezed lemon juice into my water. At restaurants, I would ask the servers to provide lemon slices with my water--which makes me sound snobby, but most restaurants are willing and expected to provide this service.

* Keep it In the Clear. When your urine is clear, you are properly hydrated. When your urine is a dark yellow, you are definitely dehydrated.

* Think of How Pretty You'll Look. I don't know how direct the correlation is between having healthy, glowing skin and drinking a lot of water, but I'm not taking any chances. Whatever psychological trick keeps me hydrated!

* Do It Like It's Hot. If you're in the mood for a hot drink, drink heated water. Sometimes we just want the psychological pleasure that comes with having a hot mug cupped in our hands than the actual drink itself. Plus, coffee and tea contain caffeine, which is a diuretic and elevates the rate of water being expelled from your body via urination.

* Drink When You Have a Munchie Attack. Sometimes our hunger is thirst masquerading as fake hunger. Drinking a cup or two of water will make you feel "full."

*Take Baby Steps. Don't expect to go from zero glasses of water to the full 8 glasses overnight. Start with one glass of water in the morning and one glass of water at night, and build your way up from there.

* Cheap cheap. Water at restaurants are FREE!

* Always have a full glass of water near you when you are working. It will give you something to mindlessly sip on when you are brainstorming or need something to do with your hands.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

_BeauTy & WoMEN_

Makeup and Age

Makeup cream There are three general reasons why we women wear makeup. The first reason is to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage and aging. Most makeup products nowadays have SPF which shields the skin from ultraviolet exposure.

The second reason why we women wear makeup is to hide whatever blemishes we have on our face. It could be wrinkles, puffy eyelids, pimples, dark spots, an unsightly mole or birthmark, or whatever it is that we need to hide. Makeup conceals and takes the eyes away from these problem areas by putting highlights on the other, more presentable features of our face.

The third reason why women wear makeup is to enhance the best features of the face. Beautiful eyes deserve to be made more beautiful with a few tricks with the mascara and eye shadow. Naturally pouting lips should be made to look more luscious and kissable.

But whatever reason we may have for wearing makeup, the most important thing to remember is that we should keep our makeup as naturally looking as possible and that we should wear makeup that suits our age.

The following is a general guide on what kind of makeup should a woman wear according to her age.

Teenagers (15-19). If you are in your teenage years, your greatest asset is your youth, so you should wear makeup that plays up your youth instead of hiding it. You are also at that point in your life where your hormones are still trying to get their groove going, so the cosmetic products you are using should not be a cause for acne breakouts.

Given these, your foundation should be sheer, oil-free and water-based. Opt for a natural look by using natural looking eye shadows, and go easy on the mascara. For your blush on, try a gel blush to get that natural glow on your face; however, use a powder blush if your skin is oily. Keep your lipstick or lip gloss lightly tinted.

Twenties (20-29). You are in the bloom of your womanhood, and so your makeup should reflect that. So, go light on the foundation and match the colors you use for your eyes with the natural color of your eyes, your skin tone, as well as the mood you are in. Tone down your makeup when going to work by wearing a light powder blush and a lightly tinted lipstick. For affairs in the evening, like a date, a party or a night out with friends, you can use brighter colors.

Thirties. This is when the initial, telltale signs of aging like crows’ feet and fine lines begin to appear. Therefore, you should start toning the palette of your makeup down. It is also time to go a little on the heavy side with your foundation, but wear your blushers in more muted colors. Avoid wearing frosted makeup to keep the attention away from the small wrinkles and fine lines.

Forties (40-49). The signs of aging become more apparent at this age. You should, therefore, start wearing makeup that is kind to your skin. Begin using an oil-based foundation if your skin is dry and put a light base over the wrinkles of your face, in case you have any. Start using concealer creams more generously over the dark spots and dark circles, and steer clear from frosted or metallic eye shadow, especially if you have puffy eyes. Use softer colors for your cheeks.

Fifties and above (50+). This is the time you should start letting yourself age gracefully. Therefore, be kind to your face and avoid the kinds of makeup that are matte-based. Never opt for frosty, shiny or metallic colors for your eyes because it will only highlight the puffiness and the wrinkles. Keep your lipstick colors light and never even attempt to wear blue or red colors.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

_wId SaRiNi_

hola...time ni ak duk kt blik sarini..ak bowink la duk kt blik sowang2..2 yg dtg mnumpang d blik org nie..hehe..dhla on9 xdpt..haii..sbr jela whidah oit..ssunguhnya d dunia ini ak x mau sndiri krn sndirian i2 ssuatu yg amt menyakitkan jiwa..dtg cni blh jgk ckp2..klu duk kt blik ak 2 maunye ak duk mngadap dgn dnding then xlm pastu mula la nk tdo..baik ak kuar amik2 angin mcm nie..indh jgk ukm ni d wktu mlm..sjok, aman, damai, tenang je rsnya..

stady ak ni xmula lg..bl 2 agk2nye nk mula..anyone who cn gives idea or suggestion abt dis..im worried nie..kehkehekeh..paper fist, psl prlmbagaan mlaysia lak 2..aduissss..ak ni lak x bpe ckit dgn sbjek2 mcm nie..nk amik mood 2 jd sush la ckitkan..ap2 pn kne jgk mngadap bku2 die nie..mtk2 la dpt mood 2 cpt2 ckit..wheeheee...

~ sTady ModE iS BeGiN nOw~

hari ni hari last utk aku peg mnjenguk ke class dn jmp dgn lcterur..pasni dh xde class dh..whehehehe...best yg amt sgt..saat ni lah yg d tunggu olh cmua..insan yg brnama pelajar, klu x tunggu saat2 mngu last ni x sah..tp ade jgk 2 yg dh pnteng ntah ke mn2..lcterur duk bg tips2 dieorg plak yg hlang..ish ish..ape nk jd nie..kehkeh..ap2 pn cmue dh bsr pnjg dh,so pndai2 u oll la kay nk pk cmue nie..gue mls nk tlg pk..bnyk lg nk kn pk dn renung2kn ni..

aiseh..lpas ni maka brmula stu alam yg akn mmberikn pnuh kseksaan pd driku yg brgelar plajar..nk thu knp?? sbbnye dh mula dh stady mode nie..mngu stady week dh mnjelang dn inilh ptanda awl bhawa exam jg akn mncul tdk lm lg (20/4/2009)..d saat stady week ni la, kne bsunguh2 mnelaah plajran..cewah..mcm la menelaah sgtkn..asyik duk tdo aje dgn g jaln2..nilah style kte skrg..hehehe..xslh nk kluar n release tensen, tp biar ingt jgk dkt bku2 yg sdang mnunggu kte d blik 2..cian die xde org nk bce..nangis die taw..uuwwaaaaa...ape aku nk bt ek time stdy week nie..caner nk manage time btol2 nie..haiiii..lomah aku nie..asyik duk mengeluh aje..xpe2..aku nk try cri idea2 dri insan yg brgelar best2 stdent nie..nk korek cket rhsie dieorg..kehkehekh..ap2 pn..cmue 2 kn dtg dri diri kte sndiri jgk..xleh nk ikot2 owang taw..fuh.....kne kuat nie...moga2 aku dpt manage time dgn btol...tolong tolong..STADY MODE IS SOMETHING NOT NOTHING......keep it up wahidah..u can do it...

Friday, April 3, 2009

-No mOOd Nk wt Kije-

cantik x buku2 kt ats 2..ak jmp la dkt kdai..kehkeh..msuk tpik hrini...apo kno dgn eden nih..assgnment bnyk tp mls nk bt..dhla stdy 4 exm x stat lg..ish ish ish..xptut2..
ni tmbh dgn knyg perut jgk nie..jd mls nk bt ap2..hrini bt assgnmt ELC pnyela bsnguh2 smpai ke mgrib..hahahah..klu dan stat xpndai lak nk stop ak nie..hai..apo kno eh???....ponim2..dtglah duhai smangat ku...dtgla..ku seru...hihihihihi...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

_ItS BeGiN NoW_

hai..ni bru ak aktf blik blog..ntah knp rs tbe2 je nk aktf..dn tbe2 jg tgh addict dgn wrna pink..mcm2 la klu dh dkt nk xm nie..dh xlm dh..dlm 15 hri lg..sabor jela..dugaan btol rs nie..sbnrnye ilham nk aktf blik blog ni ad jgk pngaruh ckit drp tun dr.mhathir mohamad..cewah...mcm org politik dh lak ak nih..huihuihuihui...bl tgk2..sonok jgkkn ad on9 diari mcmni..hmmm..mgkin pasni ak nk aktfkn la blog ak nie..hope2, x jd hangat2 tahi aym..kakakaka...

so, ak trus la stat mngarang d page pinky ku ini hrini..tanggal 2hb april ni, ak rs mlas btol nk fkos pd stdy utk xm..ntah ap2la jd buat prangai mcm ni..mmmm...tringat jgk dgn pesan umi abi d kg 2..blajr snguh2...jd cth utk adk2..aduhhh....tensen gue dgr ayt2 ni..tp akn ku cb bktikn jg pd kluarga yg ak blh brjaya dgn adnya kudrat ak ni..setkat mn yg ak mmpu ak try bt..mnangis ak karang blog ak ni...aduhhh...sad part dh dtg..harap2, cmua akn jd mudh dn d brkati Allah s.w.t..hnya Dia tmpt utk ak serahkan segalanya..ya Allah kuatkan semangat ak...