Friday, April 17, 2009


How to go about finding Mr. Right(~_~)

Find yourself and the purpose of your existence.
It is very important to find yourself and the purpose of your existence because finding who you are will help you in future goals in life. Finding yourself involve moving on, leave the past, and go on with the present. And when you find yourself, you'd appreciate life, you'd accept yourself for who you are and people will be able to see your true self and your uniqueness. When you find the purpose of your existence life will be meaningful to you, and you'd be motivated and be fruitful. Life will have a whole new meaning!

Accomplish Your Goals.
In process to accomplish your goals, you have to accomplish those things in step 1. Finding yourself and purpose in life will lead you to accomplish your goals in life. And when you accomplish all your goals you'd be more successful, and you'd be able to help others. Most importantly you'd be happier. "Don't ever forget, nobody can make you happy in life but yourself". If you're not happy with yourself and accept yourself for who you are nobody else will. No one wants to be with a miserable and needy person.

Be Happy, enjoy life!
After accepting yourself, finding your purpose, and accomplish your goals, make sure you do everything that would keep you happy, enjoy life. Remember life is short, enjoy it while you can. But enjoying it does not mean destroying your life by doing foolish things, use your head and mind before you do anything. Make sure whatever you do can help you or help somebody else in the future. Just be happy, love yourself and love others!

Go places, be adventurous, travel the world
If you never travel before, this is the time to do so. There's nothing better and more relaxing when you take a fun trip, rather by yourself or with a group of friends. Travelling is a way be connected with different people and learn different cultures. Your Mr. Right could be anywhere, you might find him in that trip that might take to Paris, you just never know. When you travel, don't be afraid to ask questions, and get to know people. It's a way to increase your communication skills. Communication is one of key point to success. Therefore, when you in your adventure don't forget to open up to others, express yourself, show your true personality, and have fun!

Be yourself at all time
The number one mistake people make is "not being themselves". You don't have to impress the guy next door for him to like you, if you do, you'd find him go with the other girl next door. And you'd wonder why, he didn't like you. People always go for uniqueness, and when you not being yourself, you're hiding your uniqueness. There's nothing better than being the true self. Be yourself at all time, if you don't you might miss the guy of your dreams and the opportunity of your life. So don't be ashamed of who you are, what you might be ashame of might be what people love about you. One secret, people can always tell when you're not being yourself. It doesn't hurt to be yourself! Your true self is your true beauty. So the next guy that comes and talks to you, be yourself, and you'd see the result.

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