Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not In GooD Feeling

salam evryone here...

juz a brief post dat i wanna jot down here 4 my own awareness n mybe 4 others fren too..
after im hving a vry short consultation wif my spervisor tday, i feel a bit release but not as release as im expect to..

overall, i cud say dat i can continue wif wht im doing now 4 my research..but then there's a lot of editing process dat i need to cover back..n also lots of add on info dat i've 2 put in my project...i need 2 work on it within 2 weeks frm now then i've 2 submit back 2 my spervisor (Dr.Radha Nambiar).

okeh, nex thing dat mke me suck here is abt my feeling as well as my motivation part in my innerself...i cud feel dat im getting down n not gud at all in performing myself 2 d outside world especially during my class lost...not bcouz i cudn't undrstand wht hve been teach in class n lecture but basically i dun no whre i hve 2 put myself in dat situation...fuhh...soo difficult....

but den, d thing dat mke me heppy is when i cn shoot my pixes on my own...juz 4 release tension n appreciate myself 4 tday..dats all...=)

ntah ape2 la pembebelan yg berlaku pd entry kali ini...bercmpur aduk skali kan.??

(b4 going to meet my sprvisor,smpt ag wlpun nervous)

(di luar blokku yg bercelaru)

(gurl in red)heheh

done 4 tday...dats wht i feel n nthing can chnage it...

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