Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Write A Good CV?

For this entry, i would kindly sharing with you all about "How To Write A Good CV".
This is the information that i get from one of UKM's programme which is 'Upgrade Programme' by Deloiitte Company specially for the final year students like me and others friends outside too.

Credit 100% to this kind of programmed that make us exposed to this kind of important things before we involve in jobs environment later on.

Hope the information given will help you to write a good CV and get a better job for your career in the future. Sharing is caring right, and i want to show that i am really care of you by sharing this information in this entry...

Happy Reading...!!!


 First thing first, you shud know that your CV is the key to getting shortlisted for job interview & assessment...keep in mind kay about this....;)

Here, I will introduce to you what is the common process in applying a job.

1- First, we will look forward for the job advertisement
2- Second, fulfill their requirement to write a CV. Involve sieving/selection process of good CV
3- Go for an interview to the particular company if we were selected
4- Get a job offer
5- Lastly, job acceptance

okeyyy..now let me continue with the next subtopic.

CV writing guidelines (this is the best order to make your CV look simple and shweettt, dont mess up evrything in your CV) :

1- Personal details/contact info
2- Educational achievements
3- Work experience/professional details
4- Key skills & language
5- Extra curricular activities/personal interest of areas
6- References

Below is the common mistakes when we write a CV and try to avoid all these mistakes okey in order to make ur CV look impressive to the company.

1- Inappropriate font size
2- Spelling and grammar mistake (better get someone to profreading your CV before submit it)
3- Only one/two words to desrcibe job responsibilities
4- Repetitive words/sentences
5- Inconsisten layout of CV
6- Using someone else's words
7- One CV for all job applications
8- Leaving out dates
9- No cover letter
10- Unprofessional email adress (eg:itik_ayam@yahoo.com)
11- Cluttered info
12- Usage of abbreviations/contaraction (eg: SPM,exm, etc)
13- Unprofessional photo

ahaa...lets move on to the next thing...~COVER LETTER~

Basically it juz like a formal letter dat we had been taught in our secondary school..so lets start now, what contents that need to be in ur Cover Letter...--->

1st paragraph: Introduction and purpose of ur writing.

2nd paragraph: What you have to offer the company.Example, about your strengths and weaknesses. 

3rd paragraph: Contact details and appreciation. Thanked the viewer for seeing your resume...=)

We are always wondering, why there are a lot of fresh graduate study are not marketable in the jobs field nowadays???

The answers are:

-Poor English proficiency
-Lack of interpersonal skills
-Lack of communication skills
-Inability to work in team
-Poor leadership skills
-Lack of confidence

Sooo then, what are the important hiring criteria in a jobs requirement???

-Academic qualification
-Skills: Technology, competence, soft-skills


 inila consultant utk entry CV kali ni...choomell kan die..ehehehehehe...pewasaann

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Atiqah said...

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♥aMyLiAiNdAhOuSe♥ said...

wah wah consultant ni..
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na kena practice speaking jugak ni..
nt kena amek muet..

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